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BLAFX (BETHLE ASTER GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED) indicating the glorious "Star of Bethlehem", one can find a hidden secrets, and representing Bethle Aster’s hopes -hope that it can help all traders to find the success in trading.

BLAFX is an international company, was firstly found in New Zealand, with 8 years extensive business experience, good reputationand trusted with high degree of confidence by business partners, associates and investors across the globe. BLAFX is a dealers in securities, obtained a VFSC Principle’s license as per Dealers in Securities (Licensing) ACT with company number 14663.

We operate in a regulated environment, with robust oversight into trading practices and execution. BLAFX is your logical choice for broker that has high end performance with personal approach.

Excellent Platform with Quality Services

BLAFX offers top class brokerage services and trading platforms for trading in Spot Foreign Exchange, Spot Metals, pot Oil, Commodities, CFDs, Indices and deals in Futures CFD Contracts for all type of investors and market partakers worldwide. BLAFX uses best-in-class trading technology platforms, execute your trades quickly and explicitly.

BLAFX has exceptional online customer service across different channels that you may use now-a-days; giving you the introduction that you need for fresh starters and resolve problems that you encounter during trading.

Our Commitment

We aim to provide the highest quality service and products in the industries we operate in. We strive for continuous improvement throughout the company, driven by desire to learn. Our business models are long term, provide fair and transparent trading environments for investors and clients with a focus on operational excellence.

Company Introduction

Risk Warning: Forex, precious metals, CFD CFD and other investment products there is a high risk, investors need to be there based on individual investment objectives and risk level and make an independent assessment or consultative foreign exchange, precious metals, CFD CFD and other investment products high degree of risk, investors need personal investment objectives and risk level according to make an independent assessment or counseling
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